Did you know that an alternative to Galvanising exists?

The process of Metalspray, Thermalspray,  Spray Galvanising  etc. all refer to the same process which has been in existence since the early 1900’s and still is a process used worldwide. The Metalspray process involves the melting of a wire and projecting it by compressed air onto the work piece to provide a coating that can [...]

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Metalspray coating for Animal transport vehicles

The Metalspray process has many applications that are carried out Worldwide. One of its major applications is the application of anti –corrosion coatings. The material applied maybe Zinc (as used in the Galvanising process), Aluminium or alloys of these materials. The application of the coating is generally by Arcspray (sometimes referred to as twin wire [...]

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Metallisation Equipment Protecting Fishing Boats

Parkol Marine Trawlers Metallisation Equipment Protecting Fishing Boats Metallisation’s thermal spraying equipment has been protecting a diverse range of surfaces, structures and vessels for over ninety years and continues to be the chosen solution for many industry sectors. A recent project has yet again proven the longevity of thermal sprayed surfaces. Parkol Marine Engineering, based [...]

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New alloy addition to the Alloy Wires International range

  Alloy Wire has announced a new alloy addition to their range - Nitronic 50. Nitronic 50 exhibits corrosion resistance that is superior to type 316 Stainless Steel.  It has good mechanical properties at ambient and sub-zero temperatures.  Unlike other austenitic stainless steels, it does not become magnetic when cold worked or cooled to sub-zero temperatures. [...]

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National Manufacturing Week

MSSA exhibited at the National Manufacturing week from the 7th - 10th of May 2015 it was a great success. We would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy day to pay us a visit !

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Australasian Corrosion Association

MSSA are now proud Members of the Australasian Corrosion Association

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New Technology Helps Fight Corrosion MSSA has developed a coating solution for the weld zones of a new corrosion resistant steel section called MAXI‐ TUBE®.   MAXI‐TUBE® is an innovative Zinc –Alloy coated steel section which provides high corrosion resistance in many aggressive environments. It’s benefits include:- A slower corrosion rate than Zinc coated steel It [...]

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Metallisation Equipment Protecting Ships and Trawlers From Corrosion

Metal or thermal spraying is a technology, which protects or extends the life of a wide variety of structures in the most hostile environments and in situations where coatings are vital for safety and performance.  Thermal spraying is carried out in a wide range of anti‐corrosion or engineering markets.  Typical applications include the spraying of ships, trawlers [...]

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