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Did you know that an alternative to Galvanising exists?

The process of Metalspray, Thermalspray,  Spray Galvanising  etc. all refer to the same process which has been in existence since the early 1900’s and still is a process used worldwide. The Metalspray process involves the melting of a wire and projecting it by compressed air onto the work piece to provide a coating that can [...]

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Metallisation Equipment Protecting Fishing Boats

Parkol Marine Trawlers Metallisation Equipment Protecting Fishing Boats Metallisation’s thermal spraying equipment has been protecting a diverse range of surfaces, structures and vessels for over ninety years and continues to be the chosen solution for many industry sectors. A recent project has yet again proven the longevity of thermal sprayed surfaces. Parkol Marine Engineering, based [...]

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Automated Metal Spraying at Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant Veracruz, Mexico

Metallisation customer, Lainsa, based in Mexico and part of Grupo Dominguis, provides metal spraying for corrosion protection of pipes used to exchange and transport dry water vapour in thermoelectric, conventional and nuclear power plants.   The application of metal spraying is critical, as the circulation of dry steam at high temperatures can lead to corrosion [...]

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Metallisation Provides Turnkey HVOF Project

Metallisation Ltd has been providing thermal spray solutions around the globe for over 90 years and has just completed its latest turnkey project with B&B Coatings in Huddersfield. B&B Coatings is a specialist in the application of thermal spray coatings. The company has extensive in-house manufacturing, analysis and test facilities, backed by an on-site Metallurgical [...]

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Metallisation Process In Award Win At RHS Show

The Metallisation thermal spray process, usually linked with industrial and engineering projects, has enjoyed some unusual success at this year’s RHS Show at Tatton Park. Mike Russell’s ‘Star Gazer’s Retreat’ garden project was awarded the Gold Medal at the show. Mike provides sustainable, bespoke garden and landscape design and build services using recycled and local [...]

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Anti-Corrosive Finishing

Metal or thermal spraying is a technology, which protects and greatly extends the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile environments and in situations where coatings are vital for longevity. The variety of metallised coatings is vast but can be broken down into two main categories. These include finishing coatings, such [...]

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Using silver metal spray coatings in engineering applications

RFI Screening Limited, specialist surface treatment engineers, has opted for Metallisation MK61 flamespray equipment to metal spray a 40 tonne generator rotor with fine silver. The generator rotor, which is a combination of electrical, mechanical and manufacturing components, is regularly exposed to hard mechanical stress and high temperatures, while being subjected to electrical voltage and [...]

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Metallisation protecting offshore oil platforms from corrosion

Metallisation flamespray equipment has been used to protect a BP Clair Ridge offshore oil platform from corrosion. The 168 metre high platform will be installed in the North Sea west of the Shetland Isles, Scotland. Clair Ridge jackets have seven storage tanks, two drill water tanks and a base oil tank, in the Drilling Production [...]

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Metalspray protecting pipelines from corrosion under insulation

In the petrochemical industry Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in pipeline systems consumes a significant percentage of the maintenance budget. A large portion of this money is spent on expensive items such as external piping inspection, insulation removal and re-installation, painting and pipe replacements. Coating with TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium), using Metallisation flamespray equipment is one [...]

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Metallisation Equipment Protecting Ships and Trawlers From Corrosion

Metal or thermal spraying is a technology, which protects or extends the life of a wide variety of structures in the most hostile environments and in situations where coatings are vital for safety and performance.  Thermal spraying is carried out in a wide range of anti‐corrosion or engineering markets.  Typical applications include the spraying of ships, trawlers [...]

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