clever coatingsThe metal/thermal spray process is a coating process used to change the surface properties of a part by adding a layer or layers of material to increase durability, hardness, increase or reduce friction, increase corrosion protection, change electrical properties or even to replace worn or damaged material.

Coating materials can be metallic, ceramic or plastic and substrate materials include metals, glass, plastics, plaster, polystyrene, ceramics and even wood.

The applications of metal spraying are wide and varied, are there any applications that might surprise some people?

The metal spray process is used in every industry and you are surrounded by components that use the process, most people are just not aware of it.

The desire for more efficient and faster motor vehicles is brought about by numerous engine and body parts that are metal sprayed. An aeroplane jet engine has over 100 components that are sprayed; without this process we wouldn’t have the jet engine. And metal sprayed titanium and hydroxyapatite (crushed bone) is applied to medical implant prosthetics i.e. hip and knee joints etc.