The process of Metalspray, Thermalspray,  Spray Galvanising  etc. all refer to the same process which has been in existence since the early 1900’s and still is a process used worldwide.

The Metalspray process involves the melting of a wire and projecting it by compressed air onto the work piece to provide a coating that can be tailored to suit the environment into which the component will be located (Zinc is used in the process of Galvanising).

You have the abrasive blast equipment so why not offer a value added service to your customers?

Take control of your corrosion protection issues!

Metalspray/Spray Galvanising is a technology that applies a surface coating of actual metal to a surface for corrosion protection.

How does Metalspraying compare with Galvanising?

▪ Low heat input during spraying eliminates the risk of component distortion.

▪ There is no limit to the size of component to be treated.

▪ Components can be treated on site, thus meaning no transport or waiting issues, which gives you the opportunity to Up Sell to your customer.

▪ Metalspraying is used to restore corrosion protection on damaged areas of welded galvanised steel and International Standards exist covering this.

▪ Coating thickness can be varied from area to area to provide extra protection in critical areas.

▪ The Metalspray process is not limited to Zinc as Aluminium, Steels, Bronzes etc. can also be applied for a variety of applications.

▪ No re-work required from Galvanising dross.

▪ The Metalspray coating is porous – giving improved adhesion and therefore the perfect surface to accept paint or powder coating (that’s if required as it is not necessary). No need to pre –etch etc.

▪“AS/NZS 2312 Guide to the protection of iron and steel against exterior atmospheric corrosion” is the Australian Standard based on the International ISO standard that provides guidance for architects , engineers, builders the surface coating industry and users of protective services in general, on coating system for the protection of iron and steel  against exterior atmospheric corrosion.








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What do I need to apply the Metalspray?

Before applying the coating the component requires top be clean, dry and gritblasting to a SA 2.5 standard with a profile of 50µ (this can vary dependent upon the material being applied and coating thickness)

Did you know we can also spray Steels, Bronzes etc. to reclaim worn components and to enhance a components life?

The newly released   MSSA Flamespray portable trolley combines all the equipment required to apply the metal coating, just connect the air line and away you go!

screenshot-168    screenshot-167

The MSSA Flamespray trolley encompasses:

  • Flamespray system including Spray pistol, Flowmeters, Regulators, Flash Back arrestors, Hoses, Air manifold
  • Gas cylinder Storage facility
  • Hose storage facility
  • Hard rubber wheels- no puncture worries!
  • Castors
  • Wire storage facility
  • Tool and spare parts storage
  • Compressed air connection (requirement 30cfm @ 80 psi/ 50m3/hr @ 5.5 bar)
  • Lockable doors to keep the equipment safe and secure


Check with your financial adviser as you could be able to claim an immediate tax deduction for assets you start to use or have installed ready for use – provided each depreciable asset costs less than $20,000 which this system fits well within! This incentive is available until 30th June 2017!!

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