Coating Sealers

Sealers are commonly used to seal the porosity of thermal spray coatings, both engineering and anti-corrosion coatings.  As a generalisation, a lot of corrosion coatings (like zinc or aluminium) are just sealed with commonly available paints or paint-based sealers. Engineering coatings and high-performance corrosion coatings are often sealed with higher performing, deep penetrating sealers.  In [...]

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Metal Spray Wires

MSSA Stock a wide range of Metal Spraying wires ranging from 1.6mm (1/16") up to 4.8mm (3/16"), some spray wires can be supplied in MIG spools or for larger surface areas we can offer 250kg drums DOWNLOAD DATASHEET - ARC SPRAY WIRES

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We also stock metal and ceramic powders for Flame spray, Plasma, HVOF, Spray weld, Cold spray, Laser Weld and PTA Hardfacing. Although we supply our own range of powders we are official distributors for Deloro Stellite, Metallisation and HC Stark. Should your project require a powder such as Metco or Tafa/Praxair we can supply on [...]

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Spare Parts

Metal Spray Supplies hold in stock a full range of replacement parts to suit all major types of metal spray equipment: Metallisation® Tafa® Miller® Metco® Mogul® ® registered trademark

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Masking Products

MSSA's quality masking products eliminate any chance of unwanted overspray effecting critical areas on components being sprayed:- Tape, Plugs & Caps, Masking Compound, No Bond

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