ARC Spraying

Arc spray (sometimes referred to as twin wire arc spray) is a process that uses an electric arc to melt wires. The molten metal is then atomised with compressed air to create a spray stream that applies the coating onto the surface being sprayed.

ARC 145 / 345

MSSA Metallisation Arcspray system 145/345 Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement have led Metallisation to release the new 145 Metalspray system. With increased airflow throughout the pistol, finer, denser coatings are now achieved. The 145 system also features digital display meters, the latest level PLC, incoming power supply MCB’s, Reversible (twice the life) V-rollers ensure the [...]

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ARC 140 / S250, 350

The Metallisation Arc 140E is an affordable medium capacity, lightweight Arc Spray system for the engineering and anti-corrosive sector. The flexible drive system means there is no motor in the pistol, and a unique constant geometry (CG) head ensures constant wire alignment giving exceptional coating quality. The system can be supplied with pull or push pull arrangement and supplies packages that can be up to 20m in length from the wire dispenser.

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Arc 701

ARC 701 The new Metallisation Arc701-CL twin wire arc spray system is a unique blend of ability and innovation. It brings together the proven performance of our Arc700 pistol plus the very latest technological advances. For instance, the 700A energiser still offers high spray rates for reduced spraying times over large areas but is now [...]

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Arc 528E

528 System  The new Metallisation ARC528E-ICC twin wire arc spray systems, with either the 250 amp or 350 amp energiser, offers the ultimate in reliability and precision for demanding production applications. This includes both anti-corrosion and engineering coatings. Wire drive is supplied at the heavy-duty pistol by a highly accurate, powerful DC servo motor, driving [...]

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Wire Flame Spray

Flame spray is a process that uses an oxy-fuel flame to melt wires and in some cases powders or ceramic rods. The molten material is then atomised with compressed air to create a spray stream that applies the coating onto the surface being sprayed.

Wire Flame Spray MK73

Metallisation MK73 Wire Flame Spray The Metallisation MK73 is an oxygen-propane fuelled flamespray system giving un-rivalled anti-corrosion coatings. The lightweight, well-balanced, robust pistol offers the quickest spray rates on the market, saving you both time and money. Systems can be supplied as continuous spray or, more commonly, with a unique stop/start function that allows the [...]

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Wire Flame Spray MK 66E

MK 66 E The Metallisation MK66E-M is the latest generation flamespray system for semi-automatic operation such as slow speed tube mills. The pistol is taken from the fully automatic MK66E mass flow controlled system and coupled to a more simple, cost effective manual speed controller. The result is the benefit of a reliable and controllable [...]

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Spray Jet 88

Spray Jet 88 General purpose oxy-fuel wire spray guns capable of spraying all available metallic wires like zinc, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, molybdenum and various alloys. SPRAYJET-88 (12E Type) is an all-purpose low cost combustion wire flame spray gun that is durable and built to provide years of daily use with low maintenance. Combustion [...]

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Powder Flame Spraying

Powder Jet 85

POWDERJET-85 (5P-II Type) A powder spray gun for spraying hard facing alloys, ceramics and metals using oxygen and fuel gas. There are no moving parts in the spray gun. Extensively used for repair of engine parts and OEM applications. Various hardware configurations are available to spray metallic, ceramic cermet powders. This gun uses a unique [...]

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Powder Torch

MW Powder Torch A specially designed Oxy Acetylene torch is used for powder welding. The work piece is heated with the torch. The powder is introduced into the gas stream from the integral powder hopper and then transferred to the work piece through a flame. This process is similar to the Oxy Acetylene process with [...]

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PG 550 Thermalspray system

PG550 PG 550 Thermalspray system The PG 550 system is a versatile Thermalspray system for flamespraying polymers, metals and ceramics. Due to the versatility of the system it can be used with propane, acetylene or hydrogen as well as offering extensive applications using the widest range of polymer powders.     Product attributes: Quick and [...]

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H.V.O.F. stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel. High Velocity Oxygen Fuel is a process to apply very dense, strongly adhered coatings. A fuel (commonly kerosene or hydrogen) is mixed with oxygen and ignited in combustion chamber. The combustion gases are accelerated through a nozzle. Powder is introduced into the gas stream where it softens and gathers speed before coating onto the sprayed surface.

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Hipo Jet 2700

Hipo Jet 2700 The product runs on low cost fuels such as Propane / LPG / Propylene / Natural Gas and avoids Hydrogen, which is costly, and potentially an unsafe gas to use. As liquid fuels are not used, the system does not require any fuel pumps. The result is low operating cost compared to [...]

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Met Jet 4L

MET JET 4L Metallisation Met Jet HVOF System Met Jet attributes: Thick low stress coatings High hardness Low oxide levels High throughput Simple operation Excellent carbide retention Low running costs High bond strength Very low porosity High performance quality coatings See the Pistol Control Console in action on our videos page. Liquid fuel and oxygen [...]

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Jet Kote

Jet Kote The Jet Kote torch is based upon the tried and tested principle of the Jet Kote Torch Technology. The concentric injection of coating powder into the gas jet enable an optimum degree oat heating and a high degree of coating efficiency. Due to the simple construction method there are few wear parts that [...]

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Plasma is the term used to describe gas which has been raised to such a high temperature that it ionises and becomes electrically conductive. In the case of Plasma spraying, the plasma is created by an electric arc burning within the nozzle of a plasma gun and the arc gas is formed into a plasma jet as it emerges from the nozzle. Powder particles are injected into this jet where they soften and then strike the surface at high velocity to produce a strongly adherent coating.

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Rokide Ceramic Rod Spray

Rokide Rokide Ceramic Rod Spray The Rokide Process - Ceramic rods are melted, atomised and sprayed at high velocity (550ft./sec. - 170m/sec.) onto metal or non-metallic surfaces. This forms a hard, flexible, chemically inert coating that can be used as sprayed or can be finished ground to a specified tolerance. Rokide Ceramic Rod Spray System [...]

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Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction An unwanted by-product of Thermalspraying is dust. Depending on the equipment and the material being sprayed, the quantity and characteristics of the dust can change considerably. Thermalspray dust is definitely not just another dust and requires specialist treatment. Workplace Health & Safety regulations require you to provide a safe working environment for your [...]

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Spray Automation

Spray Automation Metal Spray Supplies not only offer the metal spray equipment and Thermalspray consumables but also offer varying levels of Thermalspray automation. Dependant upon the customer’s needs, Metal Spray Supplies are able to design, manufacture and install full turnkey projects to meet the exacting needs of its customers. Thermalspray Acoustic Enclosures Metalspray Turntables Scanners [...]

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Programmable Single Axis Traverse Unit

The new MSSA programmable single axis traverse system is designed for the manipulation of Metal Spray Equipment and is simple to operate. It is multi- functional, in that it can be operated either as a horizontal or vertical unit and any angle in between. The unit can be manufactured to suit any required dimensions and [...]

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