Hipo Jet 2700

The product runs on low cost fuels such as Propane / LPG / Propylene / Natural Gas and avoids Hydrogen, which is costly, and potentially an unsafe gas to use. As liquid fuels are not used, the system does not require any fuel pumps. The result is low operating cost compared to other HVOF systems.

The lightweight 1.85kg gun reduces operator fatigue and the powder feeding start switch is provided on the gun handle.

It offers simple operation because:

It has no cooling water parameter to manipulate
There are no run or ramp parameters to be set
Operation & ignition of gun by a simple lever as on the conventional flame spray equipment

Any user capable of operating combustion spray equipment can operate HIPOJET-2700 system with minimal additional training.

Simple operation and low weight make the HIPOJET-2700 system along with PF-700 Powder Feeder excellent equipment for onsite thermal spray work.

The Hipojet-2700 high velocity oxy-fuel powder spray gun control console comprised of oxygen & fuel flow meters with control valves powder feeder, Model: PF-700.

Air Control Unit, comprised of automatic drain air filter with regulator and secondary Filter for oil.

High-pressure hose unit for oxygen, propane and air.


Water Cooled Jacket (Hybrid)
Hipojet-2700 Extension (600 mm Long)