Our Masking Product ‘MSSA No Bond’ effectively prevents undesired bonding of particles of all present-day materials, (including the exothermic, self-bonding materials and wire), applied by all processes; metallizing, thermospray and plasma flame spray.   For most of applications, MSSA No-Bond eliminates the cost and inconvenience of mechanical masking.

MSSA No-Bond is non-flammable, non- toxic at all temperatures, and will not irritate normal skin.     MSSA No-Bond is easy to apply to a clean surface with a brush, and with paint spraying equipment. It is readily machinable, will hold a sharp line and will not run or bleed when heat is applied.

The compound, as applied, is blue-black.  If the temperature of the workpiece rises above 600oF, the blue-black colour will turn brown.   This characteristic is useful as an indicator of overheating.

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To give you a visual idea of how the MSSA No-Bond/Masking is used in the Metal Spray process, please review the video’s presented below.  We also have provided a Technical Bulletin available for download and we also provide a listing of MSSA’s  Plugs and Caps Product Listing.