The new MSSA programmable single axis traverse system is designed for the manipulation of Metal Spray Equipment and is simple to operate. It is multi- functional, in that it can be operated either as a horizontal or vertical unit and any angle in between. The unit can be manufactured to suit any required dimensions and specification for all Metalspray processes.

Traverse 6

Standard features include:

Horizontal or vertical or any angle in between operation.

Rigid traverse bed with chain and sprocket drive.

Driven via AC maintenance free motor and VFD.

Programmable and repeatable parameters.

Smooth reliable operation.

Lockable castor wheel mounted, for ease of movement.


Traverse 5                       Traverse 4


Traverse 3                                 Traverse 2


Unit Specification

▪ Traverse length:  0 mm to 1200 mm.

▪ Traverse rate: 150 mm/min to 1500 mm/min.

▪ Repeatability: +/- 0.2 mm.

▪ Maximum capacity: 20.0 kg on centre line of pistol mount. 12.0 kg 500mm extended from centre line of pistol mount.Traverse 1

▪ Traverse angle: Manually adjustable from 0 degrees (horizontal) to 96 degrees (vertical + 6 deg.).

▪ Park, Start and End positions variable.

▪ Programmable anywhere within the overall traverse limits.

▪ Number of passes: 1 to 99.

▪ Power requirement 230V 10 Amps 50/60 Hz single phase.

▪ Larger traverse lengths and other specifications on request to suit any application or requirement.