The ability to fly far and fast has seen the requirement for metal/thermal spray coatings to play their part in the aerospace industry.

The coatings have been applied to turbine blades to protect them from the extreme temperatures they experience and ensure increased reliability for extended periods of time.

There are over 100 applications within a single jet engine where Metal/Thermal spray is used ranging from the crank shafts, cylinders, piston rings and abrasive coatings to ensure a sealing surface between the turbine blade and their housing.


Landing Gear utilises HVOF spray technology to replace hard chrome plating as the preferred method of coatings used in aircraft landing gear to protect this equipment from the extreme forces experienced during take- off and landing. It is also more environmentally friendly than using
Hexavalent 6 chrome plating.


Other aerospace examples include:-

Rocket Combustion chamber – Thermal Barrier coating of Zirconium Oxide

Oxidation resistance –High Pressure nozzles coating of Cobalt –Molybdenum

Particle erosion – Missile nose cones protected by Calcium Zirconate

Fuel pump components – Abrasive/erosive wear resistance protected by Tungsten Carbide and Aluminium Oxide.

Aerospace Metal Spray Component Applications – Listing Engine Sections, with descriptions and Metal/Thermal Spray coated areas

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Aerospace parts Arc and Plasma Sprayed to protect against high temperatures