Metal/Thermal spray coatings are used for the protection of iron and steel in a range of corrosive environments. Long term effectiveness (over 25 years) in both Industrial and Marine applications have been documented.

Austenitic stainless steels, aluminium bronze, and cobalt and nickel base alloys, when sealed, offer varying degrees of atmospheric protection. The particular environment dictates the appropriate alloy selection.


Balustrading anti- corrosion protected with Zinc


Anti-corrosion new

Grafton Gully Bridge ( New Zealand) anti-corrosion treated with Metalsprayed Zinc


Anti-corrosion new1

Internal TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium) to centre pipe core


Anti-corrosion new2         Anti-corrosion new3

Ductile Cast Iron pipes being Arcsprayed automatically with Zinc


Burj Al Arab Hotel

The iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel has had in total 10,000m2 of steelwork arc-sprayed over an intermittent six-month period.  The items sprayed included the heli-deck framework, roof mounted mast and 6 diagonal support braces, each weighing in excess of 200 tonnes.  The aluminium coating should guarantee a 15 to 20 year protection against corrosion in the harsh, coastal environment in which the Burj Al Arab stands.

Anti-corrosion 1

In the 1950’s the Auckland Harbour Bridge was Metal sprayed with 100 tonnes of zinc wire. Now, sixty years later, the bridge is still in perfect condition.

Anti-corrosion 2


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