The Metal/Thermal spray coatings improve wear resistance, provide EMI/RFI shielding, boost bio-compatibility and add other beneficial features to biomedical devices, components and implants.

Specialised materials can help the human body accept and attach to medical implant prosthetics, such as orthopaedic or dental implants. Metal/Thermal spray coatings such as porous Titanium and dense Hydroxyapatite are commonly used for these applications.

Biomedical 1        Biomedical 2

Hip Prosthetic plasma sprayed with Hydroxyapatite


The Metal/Thermal spray process allows a range of coatings to be used to protect bio-medical devices against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) i.e. X-Ray and MRI machines.

The coatings can be applied to nearly any substrate including plastics, carbon-carbon and carbon fibre composites.

Biomedical 3

MRI Scanner protected against RFI and EMI


Different degrees of electrical conductivity can be achieved with the use of the correct sprayed coating. Materials such as Copper, Aluminium and Molybdenum are commonly used for electrically conductive coatings. In high temperature applications Ferrous Chrome aluminium and molybdenum disilicide and other materials can be used.

Thermal and Wear resistant coatings can also be employed to enhance the functionality of biomedical devices and implants.