Metal/Thermal spray coatings for food processing equipment provide excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Similar coatings are also used to provide wear and corrosion resistance to process pharmaceuticals and personnel hygiene products.

Food processing mechanical pump seals

Food processing mechanical pump seals are made out of stainless steel such as 316L SS and are coated with metal oxide ceramics such as Chrome Oxide and with Carbide containing materials for greatly enhanced wear resistance.

Homogenizer plungers

Homogenizer plungers used to homogenize products such as milk and juices are coated with carbide and oxide ceramic coatings for wear and corrosion protection.

Food processing pump shafts, sleeves and impellors

Food processing pump shafts, sleeves and impellors can be coated for improved wear resistance. The coatings provide an excellent alternative to hard chrome plating.

Food processing

Food processing components



Ceramic Plasma spraying

Food processing1

Ceramic Plasma spraying of the internal surface of a Wok that will be coated with a fluoropolymer coating for non- stick properties. This produces high bond strengths and allows the high wear resistant ceramic to protect the fluoropolymer coating.

Food processing2

Induction pan being coated by robotically controlled Arcspray system