The use of Metal/Thermal spray coatings can improve the efficiency of Power Stations greatly.

The burning of fuels at high temperatures and the use of some combustible items create wear in the boiler tubes which can lead to a break down in the operation
of the Power Station. Dependent upon the operating conditions i.e. temperature, size and type of particulate materials such as Inconel 625, High Chrome amorphous/ nanocrystal line material, Chrome Carbide Nickel Chrome HVOF sprayed powder and Aluminium etc.


Pelton Buckets

Pelton Buckets suffer high wear on the internal surface due to silt erosion and cracking on the thinner bucket surface areas cause an imbalance in operation. These are protected by HVOF spraying or Arcspraying with 420 Stainless Steel.

Wind Turbines can be subject to harsh salt water environments sometimes installed out at sea or on the shore line a protective coating of Zinc or Aluminium or an alloy of the both gives the corrosion resistance vital to its survival.

Power Generation 1          Power Generation 2

Wind turbines coated with Zinc


Power Generation new

Power Generation- Wind Towers


Steam and Land based Turbines

Steam and Land based Turbines also owe their operating efficiency to Metal/Thermal Spray.

Power Generation 3

Almost every component of the gas turbine engine has some type of coating on it to prevent the damage caused by wear and temperature. HVOF coatings are used in the hot section of the engine to coat the shroud with high temperature metals that will not damage the edge of the engine’s turbine blades, yet provide the tight clearance necessary for the engine to function properly. HVOF coatings are also applied to the rotating sleeves or bearing found in the hot section of the engine. Common coatings used in this application include T-800 and Chromium carbide Nickel Chrome coatings.

Boiler Tubes

The application of a Metalsprayed coating can considerably enhance the life and efficiency of boiler tubes that are subjected to high heat levels, erosion and corrosion as well as heat cycling.

The Arcspray and HVOF applied coatings has provided this protection.

Some boilers have high Sulphur content that warrants the use of Ni Cr based material, if the ash content is high then a high hardness Arcspray coating is needed. Another popular material is a Chrome Carbide Nickel Chrome applied using the HVOF technique and can operate up to 870 deg C with good corrosion, abrasion, particle erosion, hot gas resistant and has a high hardness characteristic.

Boiler 1        Boiler 2

Arc Spraying Boiler Tubes using a long supplies package. Due to restricted access the power supply unit is up to 50m away

Boiler Tubes         Boiler Tubes1

HVOF Spraying of Boiler Tubes


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