Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Large-scale use of biomass, recycled fuel, solar, wind or Hydro power is increasing in energy production due to climate and energy targets. For these critical applications it is extremely important to mitigate corrosion and wear.

Biomass Combustion

Unfortunately the Biomass combustion is detrimental to components of the power plants due to very reactive elements such as chlorine and heavy metals that cause slagging and high temperature corrosion.

Hydropower & Wave

In addition to the general erosion and abrasive wear, renewable energy components for wind & tidal systems are subjected to high levels of corrosion caused by acidic or alkaline water conditions


The use of Zn, Al & Zn-Al to structural steel Monopiles and jackets, are utilised in an effort to protect these structures from the effects of corrosion, with Al extremely effective to salt water corrosion.


The mechanical components from the technologies used to convert tidal energy are consistently subjected to combined corrosive-erosive wear.


The equipment in the solar industry is subject to damage and corrosion due to the harsh environment they are situated in.

The use of ARC Spray, Flame Spray, HVOF or Plasma spray all play their part in the process to extend the life of these industries, whilst providing significant savings by reducing downtime for costly repairs. The Metal Spraying process can be completed both manually and automatically.